Carbon Neutral

What does it mean to be Carbon Neutral?

Warilba organic lamb is a 100% carbon neutral product. It means that everything in our business is 100% carbon neutral – every animal, every product and every process.

That means all of our lamb is 100% carbon neutral. We became carbon neutral voluntarily because it is right ethically, and it’s right commercially. We want to do everything we can to ensure the natural patterns that create our landscape remain as they have always been, keeping the country healthy and productive.

We officially achieved carbon neutral status in June 2019 when our business became a NoCO2 business under the NoCO2 program of the Carbon Reduction Institute (CRI).  CRI audits businesses internationally to the United Nations standards on greenhouse gas emissions.

We are working closely with our farmers to ensure that emissions are being managed and reduced at every opportunity. We’ve invested carefully in carbon offsets to compensate for the carbon footprint that we do have.

Consumers seeking meat products that touch lightly on the environment can now look for our products.